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2004-cü ilin dekabr ayından çıxır.
Azərbaycan Beynəlxalq Avtomobil Daşıyıcıları (ABADA) İctimai Birliyi
Azərbaycan Respublikası Ədliyyə Nazirliyi Hüquqi Şəxslərin Dövlət Qeydiyyatı üzrə Bakı Bölgə Şöbəsində 16 sentyabr 2004-cü il tarixdə dövlət qeydiyyatına alınmışdır.

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Role of highways in international and economical

development of Azerbaijan Republic.




Piriyev Y.M., Qaraisayev N.M.

Azerbaijan University of

Architecture and Construction



Highways like the main infrastructure object are the entrance to the country and also fusion to international word and mainly international and economical development with neighbor countries.

       Multitude of highways is 289 km/1000 km2 (or 0.29 km/km2) or 3.05 km/1000 people, which is the same as the world index.

       In 2004 freight and passenger transportation on highways were accordingly 52.7 % and 84.9%.Freight and passengers transportation set on highways were accordingly 24.8% and 74.4%.

       There are 3 strategic and main highways in Azerbaijan Republic, which are TRACECA transportation passage (503 km),Eastern part on North-South transportation passage (243 km) and Northern part of North-South transportation passage (208 km).

International finance companies are gathering funds for reconstruction, repair and building of all 3 highways and 4-5 years Azerbaijan Republic will have net of highways at European standards.




                Highways like the main infrastructure object are the entrance to the country and also fusion to international word and mainly international and economical development with neighbor countries. Highways of young and free Azerbaijan Republic are not expulsion for this reason.

                By statistical information of year 2004 in Azerbaijan Republic, total length of highways in Azerbaijan Republic is 25021 km, from which 6928 km’s or 27.7% is of government significance and 18093 km’s or 72.3% is of local significance. Multitude of highways is 289 km/ 1000 km² (or 0.29km/ km²) or 3.05 km/1000 people, which is the same as the world index. (Table 1)


Table 1


Multitude of highways,

Km/ 1000 km²

Multitude of highways,

Km/ 1000 people



















Length of highways with hard pavement is 23163 km or 92.6%. Also over 4000 km’s of Azeri highways are under occupation of Armenia.

Highways play great role in economics of Azerbaijan Republic. In 2004 there were 148 009 thousand tons of freight transported in Azerbaijan. 78 025 thousand tons of them were transported by highways which is 52.7%. 24.8% of the total freight was set on highways. There were 954 227 thousand people transported in Azerbaijan in year of 2004. 809 725 thousand or 84.9% of these people were transported by highways. 74.4% of passenger transportation sets on highways. In 2004 there were 40 794 thousand tons of freight and 158 294 thousand people were transported by Europe- Caucasus- Asia transportation passage, from which 31.9% and 97.3% of these were transported by highways. In year of 2004 there were 517 031 vehicles, from which 78.1% were passenger cars. In 2004 per each 1000 people there were 62 vehicles or 48 passenger cars, and per each 100 family there were 22 vehicles. In 2004 number of vehicles grew up for 37571 more and number of passenger cars grew up by 33 525 units.

Highway net of Azerbaijan Republic is 80-85% provided by formed highways. There are 175 km’s of I technical degree, 4 lane movement highways and in future 4-5 years length of these highways will increase up to 550 km. Which means that there will be more than 370 km’s of highways build in close future.

There are 3 strategic highways in Azerbaijan Republic, by which transport is provided an entrance and exit (look at the map).

  • Baku- Alat- Ganja- Kazax boundary highway with republic of Georgia (Part of TRACECA transportation passage in Azerbaijan). Length: 503 km.
  • Alat- Astara boundary highway with Islamic Republic of Iran (Part of North- South transportation passage in Azerbaijan). Length: 243 km.
  • Baku- Kuba boundary highway with Federation of Russia (Part of North- South transportation passage in Azerbaijan). Length: 208 km.

Azerbaijan is playing a role of gate for Persian bay, close East, Indian Ocean by being situated in the center of region between Europe and Asia. That is why Azerbaijani transportation infrastructure is really important. Trying to help the new governments build due to the fall of super government, USSR, European Union starts TACIS-TRACECA program in 1993. This programs main aim was to rebuild and repair the highways for fusion to international world and mainly international and economical development of these countries. In this program Azerbaijan Republic was playing a role of a bridge between Europe and Asia, economical connections with China and Japan trough Iran Islamic Republic and its highways. For this reason in year of 1995-1996 with aid of European Union Baku- Alat- Astara- Iran Islamic Republic highway was researched and learned. Also in 1996 again with financial aid of European Union and by financial aid of international finance companies 66 km’s of Baku- Alat- Ganja- Kazax- Georgia boundary highway, part of TRACECA, were repaired. Now 160 km’s of this highway are repaired and in close future the rest 215 km’s of TRACECA will be repaired. In finishing of these works banks like World Bank, European Rebuilding and Development Bank, Kuveit Fund, Islam Development Bank, Saudi Arabian Fund, Asian Development Bank took part. In close future the by-pass highway around Baku with length of 21 km will be build. Kuveit Fund and Abu- Dabi Fund are funding this project. Have to mention that building and repair of highway connecting straight Europe with length of 503 km is totally financed due to inner and foreign financial aid, and in future 2-3 years the North- South transportation passage will be totally build.

Project works are getting done in part of North- South transportation passage in Azerbaijan, Baku- Kuba- Russian Federation; and in future 1-2 years works will start on this part of highway. Eksim Bank and European Rebuilding and Development Bank are funding building of Northern highway with total length of 208 km.

The most important highway for Azerbaijan Republic is part of North-South transportation passage with length of 243 km, Alat- Astara- Iran Islamic Republic boundary highway, because by this highway Azerbaijan republic is developing economical and business contacts with it’s neighbor country Iran Islamic Republic. Also it is possible to get to Persian Bay, Close East and Indian Ocean in really short period of time.

North- South transportation passage is really important for transportation of transit freights for regional countries. Reason is that passage is really economically productive. Also transportation is possible here all 4 month, from Baku till Russia and from Baku till Astara, which is really important.

Because of economical and business importance of highway between Alat- Astara- Iran Islamic Republic “Pasillo” auditor- engineering company is working on technical and economical development of this highway. At first Iran Islamic Republic gave 40 million US Dollars for credit. This will provide building of only one part of this highway. Also Asian Development Bank and World Bank are interested in building of this highway. Azerbaijan Republic is looking for the rest of the financial aid right now. After the building of Alat- Astara- Iran Islamic highway it will be possible to pass transit freight trough Azerbaijan Republic from Iran Islamic Republic to Russia Federation, to Georgia, to Turkey, to Europe and backwards. Also for development of the transportation between Azerbaijan and Iran Islamic Republic there is a highway building by financial aid of Azerbaijan Republic with total length of 19.5 km from Bilasuvar (Azerbaijan Republic) to Bilasuvar (Iran Islamic Republic) and by the end of this year the works will be finished on this highway.

It is possible to save 60-70 km distance on TRACECA highway by building a new highway with length of 90 km from Shorlu to Bilasuvar till Padar. Also building a new highway Sahil- Zeynalabdin district (30 km) which will pass from city Baku and then enter to Baku- Kuba- Russia highway will save about 40 km from Iran Islamic Republic till Russian Federation.

Also rebuilding of  Baku- Shamaki- Ismayilli- Balaken- Georgia highway with more complicated relief structure providing an alternative exit from Azerbaijan to Georgia, Turkey and Europe, is really important because it will cause positive on development of our regions where highway passes. Rebuilding of this highway is discussed now.

Highways are economics, culture, in short life. Therefore we should always watch the technical and economical situation of highways so we can make sure our country’s fusion to international word and mainly international and economical connections will be developed.





1.Prefeasibility  of the Baku-Astara road. Project number: Az 9201/0103/B 005. Baku, 1996.

2.Prefeasibility  of the Baku-Samur road. Project number: Az 114387-03. Baku, 1994.

3.Project of  technical grounding and projecting of the new road of four stripes in Alat-Astara part Baku-Astara highway (243 km) and the motor car road bridge over Astara river. Baku,  august 2005.








Azərbaycan Respublikasının beynəlxalq və iqtisadi

   əlaqələrinin inkişafında avtomobil yollarının rolu



Piriyev Y.M., Qaraisayev N.M.

Azərbaycan Memarlıq və

İnşaat Universiteti


Avtomobil yolları əsas infrastruktur obyekti kimi Azərbaycan Respublikasının beynəlxalq aləmə inteqrasiya olunmasında və ilk növbədə qonşu dovlətlərlə beynəlxalq və iqtisadi əlaqələrinin inkişafında mühüm rol oynayır. Azərbaycanın avtomobil yolları şəbəkəsi hər 1000 km2 əraziyə və hər 1000 nəfər əhaliyə düşən sıxlığına görə dünya üzrə mövcud olan  orta göstəricilər səviyyəsindədir.

2004-cü ildə yük və sərnişin daşınmalarının həcminə görə avtomobil nəqliyyatının payına müvafiq olaraq 52,7% və 84,9%, yük və sərnişin daşınmaları dövriyyələrinə görə isə müvafiq olaraq 24,8% və 74,4% düşmüşdür.

Hal-hazırda Azərbaycan Respublikasının ərazisində strateji əhəmiyyətli 3 mühüm və arterial avtomobil yolu mövcuddur ki, bunlar TRACECA Nəqliyyat Dəhlizinin (503km) və Şimal-Cənub Nəqliyyat Dəhlizinin Cənub (243km) və Şimal (208km) seqmentləridir.

   Hər üç avtomobil yolunun bərpası, yenidənqurulması və yeni tikintisi istiqamətində beynəlxalq maliyyə qurumlarının sərfəli maliyyə vəsaitlərini cəlb etməklə konkret işlər yerinə yetirilir və yaxın 4-5 il ərzində Azərbaycan Respublikasının beynəlxalq standartlara cavab verə biləcək əsas yollar şəbəkəsi formalaşacaqdır.



     Роль  автомобильных дорог в развитии международных и

       экономических связей Азербайджанской Республики


Пириев Я.М.,  Гараисаев Н.М.                                         

Азербайджанский  Aрхитектурнo-

Строительный Университет


Автомобильные дороги Азербайджанской Республики, как основной объект инфраструктуры, играют важную роль в международной интеграции и развитии международных и экономических связей с соседними государствами. Дорожная сеть Азербайджана по удельным показателям плотности на 1000 км2 и на 1000 жителей находится на среднем мировом уровне.

В 2004 году автомобильным транспортом было перевезено грузов и пассажиров соответственно 52,7 % и 84,9 % от общего объема перевозок, а доля грузо и пассажирооборота составило соответственно 24,8% и 74,4%.

В настоящее время на территории Азербайджана имеются 3 стратегически важных и артериальных автомобильных дорог, которыми являются участок Транспортного Коридора TRACECA (503км), Южный (243км) и Северный (208км) участки Транспортного Коридора Север-Юг.

По всем трем дорожным маршрутам с привлечением инвестиций международных финансовых институтов проводятся конкретные работы по восстановлению, реконструкции  и новому строительству и в ближайшие 4-5 года будет формирована основная дорожная сеть Азербайджана, отвечающая международным стандартам.


Rəsmi sənədlər:
М.Джафаркулиев. Рецензия на монографию Эфендиева О.Ф.
«Aviasiya haqqında» Azərbaycan Respublikasının Qanunu
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